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Silver Lake Youth Basketball


Q: Is there something that shows me a key dates & a summary of how basketball is organized for the Silver Lake Region by grade?
A: Yes, please click HERE and you'll find an overview.

Q: What's the difference between the Travel and Recreational programs?
A: Travel basketball is for boys and girls in 4th through 8th grade looking to develop higher level basketball skills in a competitive environment. Tryouts are held and not all players are guaranteed a spot on a team.  Games are played against other towns in the area.  Recreational basketball is an in-town league for boys and girls in 1st through 8th grade looking to develop skills in a less competitive environment than travel.  All on-time registrants will be guaranteed a spot on a team and teams will have an “equal playing” time rule.  

Q: What's the difference between Instructional and Games?
A: Instructional focuses on basketball fundamentals and skills. Whereas, Games include practices and real games played against another team.  

Q: My daughter/son (grades 1st-8th) wants to play recreational basketball how do I sign him up?
A: SLYB organizes the boys and girls 1st-8th grade recreational program and is open to residents of Kingston, Halifax and Plympton.  Registration starts in September.  Click HERE to register.

Q: What grade do children start playing games instead of instruction?
A: Boys & girls TRAVEL TEAMS start playing games in the 4th grade travel division.  Girls and Boys RECREATION TEAMS start playing games in the 3rd grade recreational division.

Q:  Does Silver Lake Youth Basketball offer any financial assistance?
A:  Financial assistance is available upon request and approval by the SLYB Board of Directors. Please contact [email protected] for additional details or click to fill out form online: Financial Assistance Form

Q.  What is SLYB's "playing time policy" for it's travel teams?  
A:  See attached link:  SLYB_Playing_Time_Policy.doc 

Q:  What is the SLYB tryout process and how are players selected for travel teams?
A:  See attached link:  SLYB_Tryout_Process.doc

Q. What are the refund policies?
A. See attached link: Refund Policy

Q:  How are head coaches (and assistants) selected to coach travel basketball teams?
A:  See attached link:  Coach_Selection_Process.doc