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Key Contacts

Executive Board: (send email)

President:  Dana Miller  (send email)
Vice President:  Tim Corr (send email)
Treasurer:  Diana Burke (send email)
Director of Registration & Website: Tatum McIsaac (send mail)
Director of Player, Coach & Refs: Mickey Curley (send mail)

Silver Youth Basketball Organization
PO Box 80
Kingston, MA 02364


 Directors Boys Basketball Programs
Matt Geraigery (Boys Travel) (send email)
Rich Kenney (Boys Travel) (send email)

Directors Girls Basketball Programs

Diana Burke (Girls Travel) (send email)

Dana Miller (send email)
Tim Corr (send email)



Travel Basketball Program
Travel 4th thru 8th Grade DirectorsBoys TravelMatt Geraigery
(send email)
Rich Kenney(send email)
Girls TravelDiana Burke
(send email)
  Tatum McIsaac(send email)
Recreational Basketball Program

Recreational Program Director


1st & 2nd Grade Instructional CoordinatorBoys & GirlsOPEN(send email)
3rd & 4th Grade Coordinator(s)GirlsOPEN(send email)
BoysOPEN(send email)
5th & 6th Grade Coordinator(s)BoysOPEN(send email)
GirlsMatt Snyder(send email)
7th & 8th Grade Coordinator(s)BoysJim Bertoni
(send email)
GirlsTim Corr/Dana Miller(send email)