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Silver Lake Youth Basketball Curriculum 3rd – 6th Grade
The purpose of this curriculum is to assist coaches in teaching the game of basketball in a fundamental and progressive manner. When we volunteer to coach our Players, we may not know where to start or how much information we should give to the Players and at what level. This is only a guideline and you may need to modify the stages of instruction based on the ability of your players. I hope that this will assist you in developing your players during the early years. Keep the instruction simple and fun and remember it is just a game. This curriculum is for 3rd-6th graders but can easily be modified to fit any age group.

Click here for the Recreation Basketball Rules

Click here for the Recreation Playing Time Chart

Every division has an equal playing time rule, including playoffs.  Play will stop every five minutes for substitutions.  We play two 20 minute running time half’s. The clock will stop in the final two minutes of a game within 10 points, if court time allows.

Playing time (# of shifts) will be enforced by the scorekeeper:

  • If you have 12 players, 4 players play 8 shifts and 8 players play 3 shifts
  • If you have 11 players, 7 players plays 4 shifts and 4 players play 3 shifts
  • If you have 10 players, everyone plays 4 shifts
  • If you have 9 players, 4 players play 5 shifts and 5 players play 4 shifts
  • If you have 8 players, everyone plays 5 shifts
  • If you have 7 players, 2 players play 5 shifts and 5 players play 6 shifts
  • If you have 6 players, 2 players play 6 shifts and 4 players play 7 shifts

 If somebody gets hurt, fouls out or leaves you must substitute a player who hasn’t played the maximum shifts.