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Silver Lake Youth Basketball

Rec Rules

Every division has an equal playing time rule,

including during playoffs.  Play will stop every five minutes for substitutions.  We play two 20 minute running time halves. The clock will stop in the final two minutes of a game within 10 points, if court time allows. 

 Playing time (# of shifts) will be enforced by the scorekeeper:

·         If you have 10 players, everyone plays 4 shifts. 

·         If you have 9 players, 4 players play 5 shifts and 5 players play 4 shifts. 

·         If you have 8 players, everyone plays 5 shifts. 

·         If you have 7 players, 2 players play 5 shifts and 5 players play 6 shifts.

·         If you have 6 players, 2 players play 6 shifts and 4 players play 7 shifts.

 If somebody gets hurt, fouls out or leaves you must substitute a player who hasn’t played the maximum shifts. 

A matrix is available on the website to help coaches substitute if you need it.  We have older kids working the scoreboard and book this year and proper substitutions are a point of emphasis.

Teams have one timeout per half.  Timeouts will be 1 minute.  Halftime will be 3 minutes.  Overtime is played if court time allows, with 2 minutes stopped time and with each team getting one time out. 
Although substitution rules do not apply to overtime, coaches should adhere to the intent and try to substitute so those who want to be part of overtime can play.

Coaches, players, and spectators are required to demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. 

  • Two technical fouls for a player or coach within a game is an automatic ejection and a one-game suspension for the next game.
    League coordinators will be notified of all ejections.
  • Referees can choose to give a Type 2 Flagrant and eject after one flagrant technical foul.
  • Two ejections in a season is an automatic ejection from that league for the remainder of the season, and will result in the SLYB board evaluating whether the player or coach should be permanently barred from SLYB sponsored leagues.
  • Spectators who are being disruptive may be asked to leave the facility by coaches or referees.

KNOW YOUR ROLE:  Refs referee, coaches coach the players (not refs), players play, and spectators cheer.

All posted facility and Silver Lake school district rules must be followed; minors are not allowed to be at facilities unsupervised (such as before/after SLYB events).

We will follow High School Basketball rules with the following exceptions:

Atlantic 10(3+4) and ACC(5+6):

  • No full court Defense and no Zone. No double team, traps. Defense begins at half court. 
  • Help defense is permitted when another player is beaten and has a clear path to the hoop. Defenders do not have to chase their man outside the three point line. 
  • In the case of stopped time the clock does not start until the player reaches the red line.  Once a player is over half court the defense begins even if the offense goes back behind half court.

We are not looking for isolation plays; coaches let’s try to play team basketball.  

Big 12(7+8

  • Any defense is allowed.  No full court press when a team is up 15+.