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2016 Silver Lake Youth Basketball Board of Directors

Board of Directors Positions and Responsibilities

15 total BoD positions including 4 Officer positions**

Officers: (2 year positions)

1. President: Chair of board of directors. Leads meetings and oversees execution of travel, rec, and other pursuits of Silver Lake Youth Basketball.

2. Vice President: Vice chair of board of directors. Jointly responsible for oversight and execution of above with President and assumes above responsibilities in Presidents absence.

3. Treasurer: Oversees all financial aspects of SLYB operation; manages SLYB profit/loss and provides financial forecasting and projections.

4. Secretary/Clerk: Administrative point person for SLYB Board and SLYB operations. Works with BoD on CORI responsibilities.

Directors: (1 year renewable positions)

1. Director of Purchasing & Equipment: Point person for all matters related to equipment and uniform purchasing including vendor management & relationships.

2. Director of Registration and Website: Oversight of SLYB website and social media; oversees registration process

3. Director of Boys Travel (2 positions) & Director of Girls Travel (1): Coordinates all aspects of travel operations. Pre-Season: manages tryouts, team formation, & assigns or serves as liaisons to SLYB travel leagues. Assists board in development of travel and coach selection process. In-Season:  manages travel practice, game schedules (as needed with leagues). Oversight of on-going travel operations including game day experience (ref and score staffing). Duties can be “divided” vs shared as reasonable. Travel Directors are voting members of Player Selection Committee and in Coach Selection Process.

4. Recreation Program Directors (up to 3): Coordinates all aspects of recreation operations including ongoing development of playing rules. Pre-Season: manages team formation and coach selection and sets up fixed practice and game schedule. Aides in development of Instructional Division curriculum. In-Season: Oversight of on-going Rec operations including game day experience (ref and score staffing). Duties can be “divided” vs shared as reasonable.

5. Director of Player and Coach Development: Point person for SLYB instructional aspects of travel and Rec programs. Provides guidance and support for coaches in X&O aspects of basketball instruction (majority emphasis on travel) – which can include direction on age appropriate skills & drills and age appropriate fundamentals.  Responsible for year-end travel coach survey.  Resource for sample/suggested practice plans.  Aids board in sponsorship of clinics, camps, AAU partnerships.  Helps with all aspects of travel tryouts.  Voting member of Player Selection Committee and in Coach Selection Process.

6. Director of Fundraising and Special Events: Manages SLYB fundraisers with officers or board of directors – including annual and ad-hoc fundraisers that support growth of SLYB operating revenues and SLYB brand.

7. Director @ Large: Director level position filled at Board Officers discretion that fulfills a defined SLYB need.  Past examples include strategic initiatives like Hilltop/Kingston Recreational merger, Plympton Travel and Rec Partnership; Halifax Travel and Rec partnership; etc. Can have two @ large directors based on organizational needs.

**Board positions include fee forgiveness in exchange for service.  Ask board member for specific details