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5th and 6th Grade Recreational Rules

I. Playing Rules

a. Game will be played on a 10 ft. basket.

b. Two 20 minutes halves with a running clock. If game is tied at the end of regulation, a 2 minute overtime will be played.

c. Each team will receive two 30-second time-outs per half. Time-outs cannot be carried over into the second half.    Half time break - 3 minutes

d. Players must receive equal playing time regardless of skill level. Our purpose is not to win at all costs.

e. Substitutions are unlimited but must be made during a dead ball and must be official.

f. Two technical fouls in one game will result in an ejection and player will be considered for suspension of the next game. Two ejections will result in disqualification from league play for the rest of the season.

g. Each player is allowed 6 personal fouls a game.

h. Two shot free throw for technical fouls.

i. Two free throws are shot for a shooting foul.

j. Four players required to begin a game.

k. Each half will begin with a jump ball.

l. No jewelry can be worn during game play.

II. Offense

a. Fast breaks are allowed unless winning team is leading by 14 or more points. Trailing team may run fast break. If       a team is leading by 14 or more points, they must pass 3 times before shooting

b. Offense has ten seconds to advance ball to half-court.

c. Any offensive player is allowed 3 seconds in the lane.

d. Double dribble and traveling result in turnover.

e. A five second closely guarded violation may be called against an offensive player with the ball when that player is guarded closely for five seconds or more and does not pass, shoot, or dribble within that time.

III. Defense

a. No Full Court Pressing is allowed, Defense can pick up at three point arch

b. Steals are allowed from the dribbler and the pass.

c. Defense may block shots.

d. Man to Man Defense Only, No Zone

e. No Double Teaming outside the paint