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3rd and 4th Grade Recreational Rules

General Rules and Regulations
3-4 Grade Girls

I. Playing Rules

a. Game will be played on a 10 ft. basket.

b. Two 20 minutes halves with a running clock with a 3 minute halftime

c. Each team will receive two 30-second time-outs per half. 
d. Players must receive equal playing time.

e. Substitutions are unlimited but must be made during a dead ball

f. Each half will begin with a jump ball.

g. All teams must have at least three players to begin a game.

h. No jewelry can be worn during game play.

II. Offense

a. Fast breaks cannot be made. Defense must set up at three point arc (or red line in KES) before offense advances.

b. Offense has ten seconds to advance ball to half-court.

c. Any offensive player is allowed 5 seconds in the lane.

d. Double dribble and traveling result in a turnover.

e. If a team is leading by 12 or more points, they must pass 3 times before shooting

III. Defense

a. The defense cannot steal the ball from the ball handler; steals only on the pass.

b. Defense must set up at the three point arc before offense advances.
c. No zone defense. must be girl to girl